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Communications course 150-F4WW Assignment 2-2 Gender Stereotypes

October 7, 2012

Gender stereotypes are involved in our everyday lives. Society has become so accustomed to gender stereotyping that the majority of the population doesn’t even question the stereotyping that takes place. Advertisement is one are in particular where we are subjected to gender stereotyping. We buy products off of the stores shelves not because they are great and we can’t live without them, we as consumers buy products that we don’t want or need all because of the way they are marketed to us.

The following advertisements are just a few examples of  how gender stereotyping is used to communicate to the public.


I found this advertisement on an NFL type website. The ad is for a sports bra sold at Victoria’s Secret. I was actually looking at this website to find an advertisement that was more geared towards male consumers. When I initially looked at this advertisement I was unaware of what was being marketed until I read the caption.

This advertisement reflects the gender stereotype for women,because it is marketing a sports bra. I was actually stereotyping when I was looking at NFL websites to find advertisements directed towards males, women are also football fans. The advertisement did make me want to go buy a pair of yoga pants for my wife though, not a sports bra.

This advertisement is marketing the durability of the Jeep truck. The advertisement shows a truck parked on top of rough terrain. The caption implies that this vehicle is for drivers who take off road driving serious.
I feel that this advertisement reflects a co-gender stereotype. It doesn’t include any male or female preference in the text or picture. Jeep is trying to market it’s product to both genders equally.

This advertisement doesn’t contain a lot text, just one word, Wrangler. This advertisement uses the long standing tradition of the Wrangler company outfitting hard working men with comfortable blue jeans. When I think of Wrangler jeans , I think of cowboys and professional male athletes like Brett Farve and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Wrangler makes jeans for women. I live in a rural area where many females wear Wrangler jeans. This advertisement is stereotyping because it make you believe that their product is for males.

This advertisement is for hair products that promote a healthy scalp. I found this advertisement on Wamart’s website, accompanied with coupons. The advertisement uses a woman with long flowing blonde hair to represent beauty and a tree to represent healthy growth. This advertisement is more focused on female consumers.
I feel this advertisement is gender stereotyping females. I use gender stereotyping when looking at this ad because at my household my wife buys the hair products. This advertisement omit the fact that males want a healthy scalp too.

I was actually given a free sample of this product at a sporting venue. The makers of Dr. Pepper are focusing on male consumers. The only difference between this product and Diet Dr. Pepper is 10 calories and the packaging.
This product reflects a gender stereotype towards men. It states right in the advertisement that it’ not for women, but I was given the free sample of the product at a cheerleading competition that my daughter was competing in where the majority of the spectators were female.


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